Be Worthy Of The Curse


A friend who dedicated his post-student life to work for a fear-free, prejudice free post-apartheid South Africa, but who was asked to leave by Afrikaner co-workers, has written this to me after reading about ‘misunderstandings’ in my autobiography, Monk in the Marketplace pages 93-99.


'I have just read the 'misunderstandings' section of your book. P 93 - 99. This has clearly been a painful factor in your journey. But so grateful that you share it in the way you do. After such a rich life experience you have had in so many ways, it is good to take on board these struggles you have also had…

I just wanted to convey that I feel that you have so much to share from these precious 'misunderstandings'. There are so many situations in the world, both between next door neighbours, right through to international conflicts where situations arise regarding 'taking over…’. I think of Israel/Palestine at present. Jerusalem, another 'Holy Island/City'.


There are often misunderstandings. But there are genuine power issues too. All I wanted to say is that your experiences related to this issue may be the most valuable contribution to a world in need that you have to give now. Coming from a monk, people will take seriously what you share about these human dilemmas.’

On page 166 I write ’I had to embrace the teaching of the twentieth-century monk Silouan. We must see God’s image in every human being. If someone curses me I must remind myself that I brought this upon myself, and be worthy of the curse. This brings inner peace and often melts opposition.’  

What do you think 'being worthy of the curse' means?

Posted at 17:33pm on 19th May 2021
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