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Ray's Blog: December 2007

The Sixth Day Of Christmas - Directions For The Coming Year ? Mentors, Monarchy And Meaning For Our


December 31 is New Year?s Eve in western and other lands, a long day in which to seek God?s direction for the coming year and usher it in; a day to ring out the old, the false, and ring in the new, unfolding plan of God. Tonight we shall gather...

Posted at 01:35am on 31st December 2007

The Fifth Day Of Christmas - A Family For Everyone

On 30 December churches focus on ?the holy family? and on the value of family life.

Who is Jesus? family? It begins, certainly, with Mary, Joseph and Jesus in that stable. The Gospels later tell of other brothers and sisters ? or cousins. The New Testament...

Posted at 23:52pm on 29th December 2007

The Fourth Day Of Christmas - Visitors

We go back now to the first week of Jesus? life in that cave. What kind of people would visit a family in such a situation? The Bible only tells us who were the first visitors ( shepherds from up the hill) and the last (magi from the east)....

Posted at 01:52am on 29th December 2007

The Third Day Of Christmas ? Assassination

December 28: Mrs Bhutto is assassinated in Pakistan. The threat of a clash of civilisations draws closer. Confusion, anger, fear, violence rage. . What can anyone do?

On this day the Christian church recalls how a ruler assassinated infants in Bethlehem, for fear that one of them might...

Posted at 06:16am on 28th December 2007

With The Second Day Of Christmas Comes The Gift Of Intimacy With God

Most people in the world know there is a Supreme God. John, Jesus? soul friend, goes further: ?We have heard ? seen ? touched ?? he writes in his First Letter chapter one, which is read in churches today.

In the Celtic tradition John, because he is...

Posted at 00:57am on 27th December 2007

The First Day Of Christmas

December 26 ? thoughts inspired by Canon Kate Tristram?s words at the 8.0 am Holy Island:

One day after celebrating Christ?s Nativity much of the Church commemorates its first martyr, Stephen. Why? This seems a major, unsuitable switch of gear and does not sit lightly with the glut of booze...

Posted at 01:52am on 26th December 2007

Christmas And New Year Greetings

Greetings to you all, and many thanks for your wishes, gifts or prayers. This Christmas morn I walked towards Cuthbert?s sun-lit beach and recalled these lines of Kathleen Raine:

Aidan and Cuthbert saw God?s feet walking each day towards all who on world?s shores await his coming.

That we too, hand in hand,...

Posted at 05:42am on 25th December 2007
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