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Ray's Blog: February 2015

Raymond Island

Raymond Island. Brent and I drive five hours through Gippsland. People think it's a poor region. We feel anticipation, some deep connection. Is it a God thing?

Life's many meetings fade from memory, yet I still recall the debate five years ago in Melbourne with Gippsland's much loved bishop John...

Posted at 20:26pm on 26th February 2015

Three Days Of Festival

Fifty spiritual directors came. Further professionalisation or discernment of innate qualities? We explored such issues from the perspective of the Celtic soul friend.

The general public came in the afternoon. The beautiful Wellspring Centre at Ashburton, Melbourne sponsored three days of talks, workshops, art and harp-accompanied prayer times,...

Posted at 12:40pm on 20th February 2015

Three Sets Of Leaders

The Acts of the Apostles tells how Paul checked out the foundations of his work with one set of leaders - the original apostles in Jerusalem, and blazed fresh trails with a new set of leaders - prophets and apostles in Antioch. Brent and I spent the morning with staff...
Posted at 21:27pm on 16th February 2015

Igniting The Flame Down Under

I spent a day with Explorer Bruce Challenor at Lara talking through the Igniting the Flame online Foundation Course on our Way of Life which he will oversee here. He is adapting the course and 'Celtic Spirituality in an Australian Landscape' will become the course text book. As...
Posted at 14:47pm on 12th February 2015

Walking With Disciples In The Hill Country

Jesus had his big meetings in Galilee's lowlands. When he mentored disciples he often went to the hill country. I have been walking with disciples in the hill country beyond Adelaide, topped by Lofty Mount, and residing at Flagstaffe Heights. It has been a privilege to have quality...
Posted at 14:52pm on 8th February 2015

Wrestlers Church

They meet in the Adelaide house of Brad and Stephanie Bessell, two long-time CA&H Voyagers. Two families make up thirteen people. A boyfriend, a guitarist and me make it sixteen. The afternoon and evening consist of five things: worship songs, charismatic prayer, Holy Communion presided over by someone in the...
Posted at 00:34am on 3rd February 2015
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