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Ray's Blog: October 2008

The Balloon Bursts - Global Credit Crunch

Thanks for your questions about the money crisis. These are my thoughts.

'I don't know much about world finance', said my brother's wife, Anita, ' but I know that if you continue inflating a balloon it will burst.' Now the balloon has burst, but financial experts bleat 'We didn't see...

Posted at 13:39pm on 28th October 2008

The Stone Of Destiny

I saw The Stone of Destiny at a cinema in my beloved Edinburgh yesterday. It brought tears to my eyes. It stirs the blood to see young men re-possess a sacred symbol of their nationhood which they perceive another nation (in this case England) to have stolen from...

Posted at 08:23am on 21st October 2008

Pagan And Christian At Glastonbury

Pagans are meeting Jesus in their dreams. If Jesus is not prejudiced against non-Christians, why should Christians be?

Christians and others gathered at Chalice Well, Glastonbury. Margaret led a prayer walk through its garden, and explained that the red well water and the white well water are taken...

Posted at 10:26am on 13th October 2008

Angels Down Under

G'day Mate

Yep, I know that the angel season in the old country is all about Michael and his task force protecting helpless souls against the encroaching dark of the northern hemisphere, but I don't agree with you that angels have no place Down Under.

Yep, I...

Posted at 08:51am on 2nd October 2008
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