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Ray's Blog: June 2012

Queen And Sinn Fein Deputy Advance Uk-irish Reconciliation

 This is Sinn Fein candidate Sam Simpson's review of The Cowshed Revolution from the Irish Republic: 'I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It sounded to the deep within my own soul regarding the message of Christ as it applies to Christian community in our time and place.
My interpretation of history and...
Posted at 04:59am on 27th June 2012

Only A Colliery Lass

Maureen Simpson's latest poem from Co. Durham::

I am only a colliery lass Not academic or stuff like that Others may know more than me But I have something they can't see I have a gift from God to me   That makes me what I need to be God gave me aloving heart For the land where I...
Posted at 03:44am on 27th June 2012

The Day Of Small Things

'Do not despise the day of small things' was the theme of the Community of Aidan and Hilda's Annual Week-end at Red Hill Centre, near Shakespeare's Stratford in the heart of England.  Here are some bullet points from Simon Reed's keynote speech:

Let us not romanticise the...
Posted at 12:53pm on 25th June 2012

A Reader's Broadside

M. writes 'My "Waymarks" is dropping to bits, I will get a new one when I come, as a community member in relative isolation it so keeps me on track especially when I am treatened by church politics.   As for "The Cowshed Revolution" I need to replace that too as...
Posted at 12:22pm on 21st June 2012

'waymarks' -what An Encouragement

A large charismatic Baptist Church in England started daily prayer for its staff and others. They used 'Waymarks for the Journey'. This week I received these words of encouragement from the minister:

'When I moved to our present church over three years ago, I introduced an early morning prayer time for...

Posted at 02:20am on 18th June 2012

Cowshed Revolution Review In Initiatives Of Change Magazine

Cowshed revolution needed for a downwardly mobile capitalism

The Cowshed Revolution by Ray Simpson

Reviewed by Michael Smith

In The Cowshed Revolution, Ray Simpson, an Anglican priest who is the founding guardian of the international community of Aiden and Hilda at Lindisfarne, calls for Christians to be 'downwardly mobile' as an antidote to...

Posted at 05:41am on 14th June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

 Lindisfarne celebrates. In our chapel we pray:The diamond is a monarch among gems. If a diamond is properly faceted, it will sparkle with multi-colored rays of light. The famous Persian poet Hafiz remarked "the rainbow is confined in it forever".  May our Diamond Queen shine as monarch among the fifty...

Posted at 12:24pm on 4th June 2012

Five Cutting Edge Visits

Marlene Kopf brought church leaders from USA to explore Cetic insights into the emergent church.

The Bishop of Stavangar invited me to 'tell my story' to his deans who are exploring fresh, more holistic expressions of spirituality that relate to a post-Christendom society.

I led the Friends of St. Cuthberts Edinburgh...

Posted at 03:54am on 1st June 2012
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