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Ray's Blog: February 2023

Re-forging And Re-wilding Prayers

Saint David's Day:Â

As birds soar high and caraefree, may we soar with You.

As deer run straight and graceful, may we run with You.

As fish flow free in waters, may we flow with You.


A UK church leader undertaking a re-wilding of church grounds describes how they have created a...

Posted at 12:18pm on 22nd February 2023

Getting Fit For A New World

I was unwell last week.

Many parts of the Christian Church start forty days of fitness training today, ending at Easter. They call this Lent. Some people give up luxuries, or meat, or time. Others spend time in prayer and vigil or good works.

Others focus on a deadly sin each...

Posted at 10:24am on 22nd February 2023

Hacked Off

My email was hacked and a thousand people were asked to send money to a non-existent relative.

It was not from me. I never appeal for money in this way. Don't give to email appeals. In UK you can reclaim from your bank money you gave to a fraudster.


Posted at 09:51am on 4th February 2023
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