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Ray's Blog: October 2011

The Occupy Movement And Jesus

The Occupy movement spreads. There are over 900 occupations from New York's Wall Street to Chile, from the City of London's St. Paul's cathedral precints to Madrid. I joined Occupy Edinburgh on Saturday at St. Andrew's Square. Environmental, marxist, spiritual and questioning people dialogued in mutual respect.


Posted at 00:40am on 30th October 2011

From Euro Crisis To An Economy Of Communion

The euro-zone financial crisis scares other economies too. That's why China and the USA have things to say.The three-pronged bail-out basically props up 'buy now pay later' economies for a further period. So that the old ways that got us into this mess can revive. TV adverts still...

Posted at 11:03am on 28th October 2011

Try Praying

You learn something every time you sit next to a guest retreatant at supper. 'Have you heard of Try Praying?' he asked. Well, I had heard of praying and I had heard of trying - but what is Try Praying? 'It is a movement that interests non-religious...

Posted at 02:34am on 21st October 2011

With Irish Believers In Sickness And In Health

I flew to Shannon and ate goat cheese tartlet at Skellig Dingle Hotel. I became ill. A pity, since I had four sessions to lead with the clergy of the Church of Ireland Diocese of Limerick, Killaloe and Ardfert. followed by meetings at the Catholic Diocese of Clare youth...

Posted at 01:00am on 16th October 2011

Eight Dutch Friends

They were all members of a singing group. They all got married and pursued separate careers - social workers, teachers, film-maker. Their views as Christians range from what we might call leftwing to rightwing. Yet for twenty years they have remained friends, and each year they visit some place...

Posted at 03:01am on 6th October 2011
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