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Ray's Blog: May 2012

Whistle Blower

The phone rang. It was Paul Moore, who found fame as a whistleblower on financial malpractice. Someone had told him I had included  his story in  my book The Cowshed Revolution.

Prior to the final collapse in September 2007 of HBOS, the high street bank's executive with the job of risk assessment outlined...

Posted at 06:48am on 24th May 2012

Maureen's Poem On Sheds, Tents And Caves

What is a shed


But a little place


to give one's head


Personal space




To some the hut


Is full of tools


To create stuff


By craftsmans rules




My grandad owned


A pigeon cree


Where pets and friends


Were company




From childhood I


Remember when


The shed was my


Escape den




At grandmas was


A big oak table


Where to retreat


I was able




Under the green


Tassled cover


I played...
Posted at 01:56am on 18th May 2012

Spiritual Friendship

My old mate Norm Allen of  Touchstone Ministries Toronto, a CA&H Explorer,  and facilitator of men's spiritual development called in and I took him out to lunch. Over the past numbers of years Norm has been writing a book and it has now been published! "Spiritual Friendship, The Art...

Posted at 05:42am on 17th May 2012

More Sheds, Caves, Kitchens And Tents

I have facilitated a Celtic Christian Studies Week. Rod, from Down Under, tells us of the Mens Shed movement in Australia. Men love to meet in sheds, have a B.B.Q., while some share their faith.

Brenda, from Dalkeith returns to look for a cave. She does this after hearing how the cave, the...

Posted at 10:48am on 11th May 2012

Prayer Sheds In Wales

Last week's blog on prayer sheds has drawn this response from Richard, In  Anglesey. It comes on the day the media announce a new coastal walk from one end to the other of Wales' coast line. Numerous places on or near this walk have Christian roots, which started with one person...

Posted at 12:25pm on 3rd May 2012
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