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Ray's Blog: December 2014

New Year Message For 2015 - A Prophetic Way For Society

From Ray Simpson

Founding Guardian of the international Community of Aidan and Hilda

I carry in my heart two seeds more precious than pearls. This may not seem obvious, for I am neither an extravert nor a socialiser, but I want you to know this. The two seeds are our world and...

Posted at 01:20am on 31st December 2014

Little Bethlehems

Holy Island's annual Carol Service gave its collection to a charity that helps children in Bethlehem and elsewhere in the Holy Land on the basis of need. They may be Muslim, Christian or Jew. If they need medication, education or food without which they would be seriously impaired, these...
Posted at 01:20am on 23rd December 2014

Gleams In The Night

Amid reams of Christmas news came these gleams in the night. 'I believe that we come to understand our life's meaning and purpose in a number of different ways and different time scales. What I do know is that something resonated with me on Holy Island which rang true to...
Posted at 03:00am on 10th December 2014

Advent Cheer Leaders

As I start to craft my Christmas newsletter I read Giles' Fraser's comment in a newspaper that atheists make bad humanists. They have a hard job to mine uniquely human values from a remote aeon or an ancestor ape. God being born as a human being generates a much...
Posted at 03:54am on 8th December 2014

Maori, Jesuit And Celtic Convergence

These are my notes from the colloquium at the Anglican Centre for the Holy See in Rome on the theme ST. HILDA, THE SYNOD OF WHITBY AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION - A WAY FORWARD FOR THE ANGLICAN COMMUNION AND THE WIDER CHURCH?

It marked the 1400th anniversary of the birth of...

Posted at 06:00am on 3rd December 2014
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