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Ray's Blog: March 2016

Six Weeks Serving Diocesan Spirituality: Thankyous And Thoughts

Jesus took six weeks in Palestine to become better equipped for his mission and angels ministered to him. I took six weeks in Cyprus to hep us all be better equipped Christians and angels of flesh and blood ministered to me.


A thousand thank yous to these wonderful and...

Posted at 22:06pm on 27th March 2016

Resurrection In Ammochostos

We got a flat tyre. The Cypriot car repairer had a budgerigar outside his garage. ‘His name is Lazarus’ he told the Ammochostos chaplain ‘Why did you name him Lazarus?’ the chaplain asked. ‘Because he was asleep for ten years and suddenly came to life’ his proud owner replied! ...
Posted at 02:32am on 27th March 2016

Three God-lit Days In Holy Week **

** This is not Cyprus’ Holy Week of course – it is the Holy Week that westerners in Cyprus keep. I find growing numbers of westerners in Cyprus urge that they adhere to the Orthodox Easter for the sake of family, school, community and church cohesion and witness......
Posted at 04:09am on 20th March 2016


We visited the tomb of Saint Barnabas near Salamis. I tweeted (@praycelticdaily) 'May you be encouraged and encourage others from the tomb of Saint Barnabas the Encourager.'

Margaret Thatcher once said during The Troubles that to say anything about Northern Ireland was like walking on egg shells. It is like...

Posted at 01:58am on 20th March 2016


I thank my car drivers, John and Colin, for ferrying me, sometimes at the last minute, with unfailing generosity, and I thank Christine, who once sailed round the world on a yacht, for hosting a meal with her Norwegian friends and leading me up Mount Hilarian.

On my last day,...

Posted at 07:20am on 9th March 2016

Passion-tide Meditation In North Cyprus

The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East, Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, St. Andrews Kyrenia (Girne) - which on Sunday was host to a Turkish Church, a Russian-speaking service, and the International Church. Here I sang, swayed and testified with the congregation of mainly Nigerian students. In...
Posted at 07:13am on 9th March 2016

Doors Open In Nicosia

What a contrast! Two more days of quiet alone in Katafiyio, the two bed-roomed 'period cottage' the Diocese rents for people to use for personal retreats. Then a two hours detoured drive to a villa with private guest wing, swimming pool and maid in Nicosia!! Oh well, the apostle...
Posted at 10:54am on 6th March 2016

Machairos Monastery Reflections

Up, up, up to Machairos Monastery, wrapped in the trees of the Troodos Hills. My cell had one upright chair, a glass of water, no internet; gates were locked at 6.0 pm, the ikons and vegetarian meals were marvellous. There is up to eight hours chanting each day. I...
Posted at 03:00am on 4th March 2016
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