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Ray's Blog: November 2014


Pope Francis calls on the European Union to bring its institutions back into touch with the people. I tweet 'Prick the conscience of Europe's large institutions until they cease to treat human beings as cogs in a machine' twitter#praycelticdaily

Fifteen days of steroids treatment has reduced pains and increased...

Posted at 03:03am on 25th November 2014

Hild Fests And Bright New Trails

Throughout the world those who voyage by the light of the Aidan and Hilda Way of Life have renewed their vows, singly or gathered in groups, at this St. Hilda’s-tide. They have departed with the prayer: “The mantle of Aidan be upon us, the mantle of Hilda too. The...
Posted at 01:14am on 19th November 2014

Books Breakthroughs

Three books I wrote that felt like 'inspiration as much as perspiration' have connected with new waves of consciousness.

AIDAN OF LINDISFARNE:IRISH FLAME WARMS A NEW WORLD: 'I am really enjoying "Aidan." A lovely piece of historical fiction' Paul John Martin USA ... 'I am loving your book...

Posted at 22:55pm on 11th November 2014

Bees, Cells And Steroids

A former Government envoy came to the Whitehouse. He reflected that politicians can be reduced to a game of who shouts loudest, and city financiers can be reduced to a game of who gets most now. ‘How can ordinary people help to build a society that works for the whole...
Posted at 12:39pm on 5th November 2014
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