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Ray's Blog: June 2020

Books Breaking Through

* Stella Durand's new book Dove of White Flame: A Historical Novel about Saint Columba (Wipf and Stock) is dedicated to 'my brothers and sister in The Community of Aidan and Hilda'.  It's well-researched and a good read. She now belongs to St. Columba's Church, Drumcliffe, County Sligo.

* James Percival's...

Posted at 12:21pm on 27th June 2020

Sexual Abuse: Religion Is The Answer

This Irish Times piece gives prophetic words from the former abbot of Glenstal monastery. Moralising will not help us understand the wave of sexual harassment and child abuse cases that have emerged nationally and internationally, says Mark Patrick Hederman, former abbot...

Posted at 08:53am on 24th June 2020

Statues To People Who Set Slaves Free

The global Black Lives matter demonstrations in UK have focussed on statues erected to British philanthropists who grew rich on the back of the slave trade.  The statue of one of these was thrown into the river at Bristol, and Oxford University has promised to remove its stautue of Cecil...

Posted at 20:55pm on 18th June 2020


The Trinity season started last Sunday.  Muslims can worship God as a Communion of Loves. What the Prophet Mohammed rejected was idolatry - the false brainwashed Christians he knew of seemed to worship three gods..

Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter only because the core of...

Posted at 08:17am on 12th June 2020

Black Lives Matter

     Black Lives Matter. This was the prayer tweet I sent this week: Ray Simpson   @praycelticdaily · Jun 2   Teach the world that Black is Beautiful - that's why the Spirit came to all peoples at Pentecost and formed a world-changing sisterhood and brotherhood. #Pentecost As a white person I recognise that the 'developed world' became rich...
Posted at 14:25pm on 1st June 2020
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