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Ray's Blog: September 2013

Journey Int0 Wisdom - A Retreat Not To Be Missed

I Skype with Matt Lamont, who will leave his New South Wales family home and journey across the world to co-lead a retreat at The Open Gate October 21-25 on 'Journey Into Wisdom'. This will be a retreat not to be missed. I first met Matt after he had...
Posted at 08:19am on 27th September 2013

Jersey Festival Of Spirituality

Two planes from Oslo to home. Two planes from home to Jersey. Before the Festival of Spirituality begins I meet in the Chief Minister's room with Senator Paul Routier - the Chief Minister had been called to London at the last minute. We discuss The Council of the isles...
Posted at 09:45am on 20th September 2013

Oslo University And Church Networks

The monthly International Students Meeting combined with the Theological Students for a packed lunch-hour meeting on Celtic Christianity which overflowed into canteen conversations. One African after another said 'Thank you. This model speaks to us'. The model was that of Aidan of Lindisfarne and those who follow practices inspired...
Posted at 08:05am on 14th September 2013

Anamcara Norway At Utstein Kloster

Nearly thirty came by plane, car and boat for the annual gathering of Anamcara, the Community of Aidan and Hilda in Norway . It was held for the first time at Pilegrimsgard, our west coast link retreat house 45 minutes from Stavanger. Reidun Kyllingsgrad and her inspiring local Board...
Posted at 11:07am on 8th September 2013

Stavanger And The Gentle Gospel

The Sarn people (once known as Laps) have a Church of Norway centre among the forest mountains and lakes at Nydlys, near Sandnes. The Bishop and Deans of the Stavanger Diocese held their annual retreat there. About 10 deans each have oversight of 9 to 15 clergy. I was invited...
Posted at 00:26am on 5th September 2013
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