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Ray's Blog: July 2012

Olympic Flame Of Prayer


The 2012 Olympic Games draw together the world’s sports lovers in hope. The Games began in honour of the god Zeus, which the Olympic Hymn still reflects. The Olympic Flame, carried by runners to herald the Games, was introduced by Hitler. Celebrating raw energy is not enough to  create lasting...
Posted at 02:36am on 27th July 2012

Unhealed History

 Sandi Kerner, from Richmond, Virginia, is here on Holy Island. She will take her Pilgrim Vows this week, and Philadelphia volunteer Judy Shelley will take her first vows. 

Richmond was a cockpit of America's Civil War, and many wounds inflicted by slavery and white and black suspicion remain unhealed. A local minister, Rev Benjamin Campell, has...
Posted at 04:58am on 16th July 2012

Jim And The Knife

Before we had The Open Gate I lived on Holy Island in a small cottage with one spare room. The first people who asked me to lead a retreat just for them were two couples, including JIm and Jane Clark.  Jim has just died in Norway after bequeathing his Celtic...

Posted at 03:57am on 11th July 2012


Monos is a think tank and a charity which seeks to foster a monastic spirit in church and society

Penny Warren and I joined others at Mount St Bernard's Cistercian Monastery, near Leicester UK for its annual conference. I gave an address on this year's theme 'New Monasticism and the Local...

Posted at 06:56am on 2nd July 2012
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