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Ray's Blog: August 2021

August 31: A For Action, Afghanistan And Aidan!

A curate in Berwick told school kids the story of Saint Aidan’s death accompanied by angels on 31 August 653.  ‘Why do you think there were so many angels?’...

Posted at 09:06am on 31st August 2021

'a Prophet Has Spoken'

‘In the belly of the Latin beast a Celtic prophet has spoken! Lord, help us to listen. As I read Brendan’s Return Voyage embarrassment swept through my soul, yet I was continuously born again with hope. In this beautiful and devastatingly liberating book Ray Simpson will teach you …’ ...

Posted at 12:31pm on 26th August 2021

Ireland Visit

Tony Simpson, the brother of my sister Sally and I, and the co-founder with his Danish wife Agnete of the Upper Room Fellowship in the Republic of Ireland's second city of Cork, has become very frail.  He walks with two sticks and breathes with difficulty.  So as soon as Covid...

Posted at 16:37pm on 19th August 2021

Climate Deniers And The Bible

The following blog will shortly appear on the web site of Sacristy Press:

The Glasgow Climate Summit...

Posted at 08:25am on 5th August 2021
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