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Ray's Blog: August 2009

A Revolutionary Reading Plan

So Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez is giving away free books to his citizens. Classic Novels for Nothing is part of his Revolutionary Reading Plan, along with his own speeches, The Communist Manifesto and Les Miserables. He deploys book squadrons to encourage reading in public squares, parks and transport. ...

Posted at 08:02am on 13th August 2009

Languages Of Love

We try to learn from our mistakes. So Carol, who looks after our Open Gate Retreat House at Lindisfarne, and I explored the different 'languages' people use to give and receive love. In his books Gary Chapman lists Five Love Languages of God: Affirming words Quality time Acts...

Posted at 01:33am on 9th August 2009

Matt Lamont's Blog

Read Matt Lamont's Blog. Open the Australia Flag and then the New South Wales page on this web site and you will receive words of wisdom

Posted at 01:04am on 9th August 2009

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Life can be hard. It is riddled with prejudice, hostility, and indifference - or simply lack of understanding and empathy, especially among us adults. This week has brought much pain, and loss.

But just when I thought I could not feel worse, some island kids and their visiting...

Posted at 11:39am on 5th August 2009
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