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Ray's Blog: December 2013

New Year Message


May this be a Year of Simplicity, Forgiveness and Gratitude. The opposite of these – the three demons of Debt, Complaint and Violence - have threatened the world in 2013.


Debt is often a misplaced response to greed or to low self...

Posted at 06:59am on 29th December 2013

A Pot Of Gold For Christmas

This week I am woozy, but I have received new spectacles, a new water tank, newly syringed ears and a visa ready for my trip to Australia.

I sent all my Christmas greetings by email this year, except that I delivered real Christmas cards to island residents. This helps me...

Posted at 07:43am on 21st December 2013

From Religious Wars To Monastic Peace?

Christmas Newsletters contain treasures. Abbot Stuart of Mucknell Abbey writes about Justin Welby: 'On the evening of his Enthronement the Archbishop said that amongst the greatest hindrances to the proclamation of God’s love were the historic divisions in the Church – divisions which had begun in particular historic circumstances...
Posted at 10:22am on 14th December 2013

Advent Is Now

Our Holy Island Vicar gave an Advent Homily on the Parousia, sometimes known as the Second Coming of Christ. To prepare us to understand his unexpected point he explained that western churches, who inherited the Greek philosophers' mind-set of a split between spirit and matter, also split time into past...
Posted at 02:33am on 8th December 2013
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