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Ray's Blog: February 2011

A Tide Turns In Ireland?


I have just returned from an angry Ireland which today votes in a new government. It has little confidence that any political party can cure the root of its malaise. It is even more disillusioned with its Church. The wide abuse, systemic lack of...

Posted at 02:37am on 25th February 2011

Emerging Shepherds Respond

Here is one response to the last blog: 'Oh how I long to be a shepherd. As Starbucks and enneagram 2 and a Myers Briggs F I just do it. But my faith community has false shepherds. Dominant rams. Egos who scheme and bully and disallow. So I have a...
Posted at 01:21am on 17th February 2011

True Shepherds Can Emerge From Ireland To The Middle East

The Bible encourages the role of true shepherds of the people and warns against false shepherds. We learn from Ezekiel chapter 34 that true shepherds unite the people in care for the needy and in repair of what is broken in society, whereas false shepherds only look after...

Posted at 01:32am on 16th February 2011

Igniting The Flame - The Course

A year's pilot course finished today with a big thumb's up. It is called 'Igniting the Flame'. It's an introduction to our Way of Life, with it's three Life-giving Principles and Ten Waymarks. Judith Line has shaped it, using her experience of Open University methods. Those who've begun to...

Posted at 02:17am on 11th February 2011

New Monastic Book Launch

Five contributors to 'Ancient Faith, Future Mission: New Monasticism as Fresh Expressions of Church' formed a panel for a book launch meeting in Manchcester. There are to be four more book launches in Australia. A Conservative Evangelical Anglican clergyman told me 'It's hard to introduce my church members...

Posted at 10:45am on 4th February 2011

Kids - Twitter - Abc

I wish to sleep for a thousand years. I have ordered another supply of Young Again Nutrients. I pine for Australian Children's TV. I can't get it on UK digital TV. I need not worry. Brent has emailed 'Don't fret, you can go to ABC online and...

Posted at 06:21am on 1st February 2011
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