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Ray's Blog: September 2008

A Fit, A Faint Or A Fatality?

The bed plunged and the wall spun endlessly. It was 5.0am. I was in a single room - the co-leader of a retreat for 91 people - and on Iona, an island with no resident doctor.

Mercy, however, was resident. The Iona Community drove me across the ferry to...

Posted at 23:19pm on 27th September 2008

Lindisfarne Property

Lindisfarne has 130 residents who have to care for half a million visitors. This is a big pressure. Hotels and charitable establishments alike have a chronic need for more staff, and therefore for staff accommodation. Most have built extensions or rented cottages to meet this need.

Our small, Open...

Posted at 01:57am on 16th September 2008

Iona, Swedes And Pilgrims

I'm off to Iona to co-lead with Ian Bradley a week on Pilgrimage for Swedish pastors and others. Luther opposed pilgrimage, so why are so many Lutherans now exploring it?

Because, so my workshops will suggest, pilgrimage is a metaphor for a human life and for the life of a church.


Posted at 05:40am on 5th September 2008
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