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Ray's Blog: May 2024

Bede: Shalom In The Wastelands: Sanctuary From The Apocalypse: Signposts That Shine Light On Our World.

On 25 May some twelve pilgrims from Berwick and Tweedmouth celebrated Saint Bede's day with a Eucharist and talk at St. Mary's Church , Lindisfarne, led by Canon Nicholas Sargovsky, Bede is known as 'the father of English history'. He died kneeling on Ascension Day 735, reciting the words...

Posted at 11:04am on 29th May 2024

Muslims And Christians Can Walk Together As Men And Women Of God

There are many Bangladeshi and Indian restaurants in my region. One Muslim waiter said to me 'You are a man of God. Can you help me to be a man of God?'

'Do you say the Salah? (the five times a day prayers) I asked. He did. ...

Posted at 21:40pm on 22nd May 2024


Christians world-wide of all shapes and sizes mark defining seasons in the life of Christ. For example, cribs at Christmas, an Egg at Easter. But what about Pentecost - the season when the Holy Spirit outpours upon people of all races and generations?

Here is my...

Posted at 17:10pm on 18th May 2024

You Can Be 'your Grace'

As I pushed my way through the town centre crowds at the Riding of the Bounds - an annual power encounter lit by the glory of the horses and their battalions of costumed riders - a man in the crowd said 'Hello, Your Grace'. 'I am not Your Grace' I...

Posted at 09:30am on 9th May 2024

Dying To Live

In the last chapter ('Endless Adventure') of my just published commentary on the Community of Aidan and Hilda Way of Life, A Way of Life for the Third Millennium, I write: 'This adventure continues in our dying'. Orthodox Christians speak of the transition from earth to heaven as 'The...

Posted at 18:05pm on 3rd May 2024
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