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Ray's Blog: November 2019

Christ The King

Last Sunday was dedicated to Christ the King. Pope Pius XI instituted The Feast of Christ the King in 1925 for the universal church. He connected the increasing denial of Christ as king to the rise of secularism and dictatorships throughout much of Europe when many began to doubt Christ's...

Posted at 11:09am on 25th November 2019

Saint Hilda's Tide Down Under

This week Community of Aidan and Hilda Voyagers renewed their vows all over the world at St. Hildda's-tide. But my thoughts were with Voyagers in Australia. This is the Facebook Post I sent them: 'Australia has schools and churches named after Saint Hilda. She is a universal ikon of...
Posted at 11:24am on 22nd November 2019

November, November, The Month To Remember

This week our monk and Deputy Guardian David Cole  stayed overnight before leading a retreat at The Open Gate.  It was good to meet up on Holy Island on another day with Godfrey Butland and other old friends.

This week also I sent in the completed manuscript and a long publishers'...

Posted at 13:48pm on 15th November 2019

The Underdog

This week the town in which I live inducted its new mayor. This was followed by a church service. The mayor wants the theme of her year  in office to be The Underdog.

After she was inducted we sang a locally composed hymn. Here are two verses:

Northmen from the Humber to...

Posted at 13:00pm on 3rd November 2019

Celtic Christianty's Greatest Era Lies Ahead


Celtic Christianity’s Greatest Era Lies Ahead

 Dozens of excellent new titles have been added to our Celtic Christianity Library on Holy Island.  It is being more used than ever.  Our librarian, Judith Line, has completed cataloguing all the three thousand plus volumes. A new computer enables library users to...

Posted at 11:50am on 3rd November 2019
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