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Ray's Blog: January 2015

New Writers And Australian Book Launches

Writers on several continents are emerging among Community of Aidan and Hilda members. Emily Williams has written a story of Celtic fiction. She also gives talks in her native Texas. This week she emailed: ‘One day I noticed a First Nation man sitting close to the front. My talk was...
Posted at 12:23pm on 29th January 2015

Australia Pilgrimage Begins

'Come and walk among us' said the Australians last year. I precede four months of 'walkabout' with a stop in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown. I visit its stalls and temple, then go to K L's city forest and Visitors' Tower. In its prayer room, to which all are welcome, a...
Posted at 21:40pm on 23rd January 2015

Primates Back Cowshed Revolution * Whitehouse Invitation And More

Two years my book 'The Cowshed Revolution' set out a framework of moral and social values without which the ' free market' will destroy us. Now the Archbishops of York and Canterbury have taken up this cause in their new book on Solid Rock. This, too, sets out set the...
Posted at 08:30am on 18th January 2015

Je Suis Charlie... Jesu Is...

Paris. More than a million. Black, brown, white. Jew, Muslim, Secularist.

Slogans. Je suis Charlie (the murdered journalist who belittled the Prophet in the name of liberty). Je suis Jewish (the murdered Jewish store staff). Je suis the policeman (the murdered Muslim on duty officer). The meta narrative was...

Posted at 19:22pm on 12th January 2015

Conflict Resolution And Light

My recent blog on the Rome Colloquium explored conflict resolution on the macro scale. Some of us face conflict on a micro scale on our own doorsteps. Since this is the season of Epiphany (the spreading light of Christ) we might ask 'What light can it throw on this?'...
Posted at 02:12am on 7th January 2015
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