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Ray's Blog: February 2020

The Man Who Gave His Horse To A Beggar




Following in the footsteps of Aidan of Lindisfarne


the saint who walked to heaven


through Ireland, Scotland and the north of England.




JOHN CONNELL with the photographs of PHIL COPE


£25 published...

Posted at 09:55am on 27th February 2020

Rewilding Churches And Neighbourhoods

 Last week I recorded a You Tube interview by Scott Brennan on the App we shall shortly launch for millennials on The Way.


My attention was arrested this week by this tweet from a church planter: 'I struggle with the language of "planting", with its implication of something introduced from outside....

Posted at 09:11am on 21st February 2020

Monasteries For Green New Monastics?


The sixty four thousand dollar question is this:  Can some new monastics form residential monasteries which become hubs of villages of God?


Over 1500 of the 1800 hospitals in England in the 16th century were run by monasteries.  The establishment of a government run National Health Service in UK was a...

Posted at 08:16am on 14th February 2020

Musings Of An Ex Urban Monk

Simon and Natalie Jones and their little boy stayed at my Holy Island home, The Whitehouse, this week. It was good to renew contact.  While Simon has worked with charismatic evangelical congregations he has discovered a vocation to be a married monk. When he lived in greater London he wrote...

Posted at 16:01pm on 3rd February 2020
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