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Ray's Blog: August 2012

Fifty Shades Of Prayer For Churches

 The Blake family of six share my one bed-roomed cottage this week. They help lead youth and prayer ministries at my former church of Bowthorpe.

Pete Ward (of 24/7 prayer) and Andrea are here on retreat. Over a pint the guys discussed this question: ‘How do you sustain a really praying...
Posted at 03:26am on 24th August 2012

Escomb Launches 'celtic Church'

The parish church at Escomb, by the river Wear, County Durham UK, was established after Saint Aidan’s death in 651 and before the Lindisfarne Gospels  - a multi-cultural witness for which maJor celebrations are being planned - were produced in  713. Escomb  is one of only three Anglo-Saxon church buildings from...

Posted at 13:50pm on 18th August 2012

What Is Celtic Spirituality? Asked The Pilgrim

Pilate asked Jesus 'What is truth?' and would not wait for an answer. People who study only through the head and not also through the heart dismissively ask 'What is Celtic spirituality?' A music therapist from Norway yesterday asked me for Celtic music, and I, playing devil's advocate like Pilate, ...

Posted at 23:37pm on 10th August 2012

Aidan And Hilda Worship Spreads


Carol Smith writes: 'It was such a joy and a privilege to be leading worship with CA&H members in the chapel built by Saint Cedd of Lindisfarne at Bradwell, Essex.  I said I think he would be pleased that worship is still being offered in the house of prayer that...
Posted at 11:59am on 6th August 2012

Three Super Olympic Gifts


The three Olympic aspirations are Higher, Faster, Stronger. But some of the food and drink chains who sponsor the Olympic Village are  unfit for purpose. As points out, Greedier, Lazier, Hungrier might be the three ‘gifts’ of such sponsors. They mock the three Olympic gifts.   This week non-Olympians came to Holy Island...
Posted at 23:38pm on 1st August 2012
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