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Meta And A.i.: New Monastics Can Lead A Reality Revolution

Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg this week promotes an extension of virtual reality, through artificial intelligence transplanted into our seeing, thinking and feeling 24/7. Its purpose is not pure. It extends his empire, his profits, and a world view based on deception and greed. It will lead to...

Posted at 12:02pm on 28th September 2023

What About Saint Hilda Celebrations?

The celebration of St. Aidan materials used on August 31 have been much appreciated, and people have enquired about similar material on Saint Hilda.

Buy Great Celtic Christans (volume 4 of the Celtic Prayer Book). This has thirty one pages of prayers, stories, songs and liturgy on Saint Hilda. ...

Posted at 12:17pm on 14th September 2023

Top And New Books

Posted at 09:09am on 8th September 2023

St. Aidan's Celebrations And Exercises For Everyone In The World


St. Aidan’s Day 31 AUGUST or any day

Gather around the statue of St. Aidan in St. Mary’s Church Holy Island or around this picture any where in the world

Ldr + In the name of the sending Father


Posted at 12:27pm on 24th August 2023

Edinburgh Festival And The Community Of Aidan And Hilda

The international Edinburgh Festival Fringe is back with a bang after the Covid years. This year the Community of Aidan and Hilda played a small part. Sally Simpson, a co-ordinator of the East Anglia CAH group joined Scottish and Borders members for a day there.

We enjoyed floral displays at...

Posted at 09:30am on 18th August 2023

Letter From A Soul Friend To A Sceptic Beginner

Dear Friend,

You say you want to try out this Way of Life, which we also call the Way of Jesus, but you have serious questions about Christianity.

You say that the Way of Life asks us to soak ourselves in the Scriptures but the Jewish Bible (the Christian Old Testament) tells...

Posted at 08:18am on 9th August 2023

I'm A Male Aged 83 And Pregnant

A Holy Island pilgrim recently asked me if I have a theology of old age. This reminded me of Henri Frederic Amiel's saying

To know how to grow old is the master work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living.

Disintegration and dying...

Posted at 10:13am on 3rd August 2023

Seeds And A New Creation

The creation crisis that threatens our childrens’ future gets worse almost daily. It is caused by the mass selfishness of humans, but strident environmental voices partly blame Christianity for it. Chandran Nair, the founder of the Global Institute for Tomorrow, says the Judaeo-Christian teaching of establishing dominion over...

Posted at 10:45am on 28th July 2023

The Common Good

Certificate of Participation 2022/2023 Heywood Prize


This certificate is awarded to Ray Simpson for contributing this proposal on January 18th, 2023.

‘The Common Good’ sets out principles of a civilized society drawn up by Catholic and...

Posted at 14:46pm on 20th July 2023

Psalmic Odes From The Times Of Christ's Apostles

Who could have dreamed that, in the third millennium, beautiful love songs of followers of Jesus' Way, in the period before all the first twelve apostles had died, would have been re-discovered, pored over by scholars, honed in the devotions of Indian monastics, and translated from the original Syriac...

Posted at 10:04am on 14th July 2023
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