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Ray's Blog: March 2018

In An Indian Reservation Without The Internet

  Sorry! No blogs for a  month!

 I have been among USA Indian people and could not access the internet.

Will and Millie Toms of Tribal Winds Ministries invited me. I celebrated Easter in Ventura, stayed with the Hopis for a week, taught in two Discipleship Schools, met elders, saw a rodeo,...

Posted at 02:11am on 23rd March 2018


Stephen Hawkings' A Brief History of Time has sold ten millions copies. My prayer tweet the day after his death was 'Lord, now give him a brief history of eternity'. The Dean of Westminster Abbey announced that his ashes would lie next to those of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin...

Posted at 04:38am on 18th March 2018

Saint Patrick's Day In Canada

Canada's Drew Marshall Show rang. Would I be a Celtic Voice on their Saint Patrick's Day show? You bet! Why am I so enthusiastic?

Patrick was a teenage Brit, captured by Irish pirates and sold as a slave farm worker in Ireland. He turned to God with all his heart until...

Posted at 06:39am on 16th March 2018

The Way - Great Feed-back

 Fresh people are  enroling to receive the daily emails on The Way by visiting

I now have another three years of emails stored up, and Bruce Challenor in Melbourne is painstakingly re-formatting and pasting these into mailchimp one by one.  Now I am compiling questions and feed-back from those who...

Posted at 09:09am on 7th March 2018

Snow Good

The main travel routes north and south are closed by snow. Local taverns and B&B's have let stranded workers sleep on floors in duvets. My supermarket has no milk or bread.

Young Urban Changemakers from Birmingham were due to spend a week-end on Holy Island. I was due to talk with...

Posted at 07:11am on 2nd March 2018
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