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Ray's Blog: December 2010

Earthing & Flaming - New Year Message

Words from our USA Guardian Paul Martin (in the Lammas edition of USA Wild Goose magazine) spoke to me: 'I resonate with the Celtic Way at a deep level. It leads me into a much more holistic faith than I have known before. But I stumble to put it into...

Posted at 00:40am on 28th December 2010

A Christmas Message: All Gift, And No Threat

A radio broadcast described someone's life as 'all gift, no threat'. Could we want anything better said of us? The person in human history who most deserves that epitaph is, surely, Jesus. All kinds of people - not just Christians - celebrate his birthday because he had the quality...

Posted at 00:37am on 20th December 2010

Heavenly Christmas Cards

Thanks to all you lovely people who send Christmas cards with such interesting quotes or information. Like the supermarket Hallelujah Chorus on U-ube: ATT00727htm (1KB).

Skeena scribbled these words of Apollinaire:

'Come to the edge'

'It's too high'

'Come to the edge'.

'We might...

Posted at 01:40am on 18th December 2010

A Christmas Prayer For Bethlehem

Noeline has sent a Christmas card from New Zealand with this Christmas prayer from Garth Hewitt taken from 'Making Dreams Come True' (SPCK):

What have they done to the 'Little Town'?

Imprisoned it in a concrete wall.

Bethlehem - once a holy city

Trapped inside a ghetto wall.


Posted at 08:03am on 14th December 2010

Break Down The Walls

Seven foot pilgrim Elijah Thomas Uhlig walked into ice-bound Holy Island. He has walked 4,000 miles from the Berlin Wall and the Jewish death camps. He will walk another 16,000 miles through wounded and sacred sites to the wall in Jerusalem. As he walks he learns the wisdom of...
Posted at 00:53am on 10th December 2010

Good Neighbours And Cups Of Tea

Icebergs on the causeway have to be cleared before folk in ordinary cars like mine dare cross to the mainland. Poor Ruth, however, has to get to or back from her mainland doctors' surgery before these have been cleared. Some islanders have large landrovers. One of...

Posted at 02:31am on 9th December 2010

Space Age Ice Pilgrims

Parts of Britain are 15 degrees colder than Iceland. Four pilgrims managed to reach the warmth of The Open Gate for our retreat on 'Make Space for Something to Happen'. Something happened for each of us. Elsa had a night in an airport, was diverted to London before arriving at...

Posted at 10:01am on 3rd December 2010
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