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Ray's Blog: January 2016

What I Have Learned This Week

From Peter Neilson, co-soul friend to the UK community as we met for our Voyagers Retreat at Shallowford House, Staffordshire I learned this: If you are seeking to find your place of resurrection and where you should live, identify the no-go areas in your life.

From David Cole, author of...

Posted at 00:25am on 28th January 2016

Our Orphan Mentality

I discussed a dream with a Jungian analyst. She gave me a copy of The Guild of Pastoral Psychology Lecture No. 272. It is about how most of us in this world have an orphan mentality. The booklet has a posh title: 'Orphanos Exoikos: The Precarious Possibility of Wholeness'.
Posted at 10:07am on 22nd January 2016

Healing Streams

I am in Whitby. In this place Saint Hilda lived a Christianity rooted in the Eternal Relationship at a time when others advanced a Christianity rooted more in Rule.

Members and friends of The Community of Aidan and Hilda who live in the area have begun a Forty...

Posted at 03:54am on 14th January 2016

Epiphany And The Seeing Eye

These days on an island in the northern hemisphere are grey, cold, dark and gale-lashed. People can be like that, too. In stark contrast the Christian Church celebrates Epiphany - a stream of Uncreated Light lighting up every corner of the world - if we have eyes to see....
Posted at 01:43am on 7th January 2016
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