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Ray's Blog: May 2022

Ascension = Transformation

Most of the world's Christians celebrate today as Ascension Day (Orthodox Christians celebrate it a little later). Muslims also celebrate it, although they do not think Jesus could have died on that cross beforehand, because the Almighty/Allah cannot die. Our society is aware of our cosmic inter-connectivity and of quantum...

Posted at 03:33am on 26th May 2022

Replacement Theory Or Obedience To God In Every Human Being?

The mass shooting of people in the beautiful black community at East Buffalo, USA was perpetrated by a man who believes in the Replacement ideology. This means, in the words of Austria's President Orban, that 'white Christian children' (in Europe and USA) 'are being replaced by immigrants', who are therefore...

Posted at 11:43am on 18th May 2022

Nationalism - Why I'm A Five A Wise Man.

Nationalist movements grow in Asia, Europe and America. 'My country first, right or wrong' makes a god of nationalism. It threatens to end the post-war era of democracies.

However. God desires us to love the place in which we live. but true love of country opens our hearts to love...

Posted at 18:53pm on 11th May 2022

How Do We Recognise An ‘angel Of Light?’

Someone I last met forty years ago emailed me. ‘Reviewing your book’ (Monk in the Marketplace) brought back many memories. I attended a pre-Alpha "Saints Alive" course. Whilst we sat in your house I saw coming from behind your left shoulder a spiritual light. I must have...

Posted at 12:11pm on 6th May 2022
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