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Ray's Blog: September 2010

Fuller Seminary, Sarah Palin And The Podvig

A lively and diverse collection of USA church workers spent the week at Holy Island's St Cuthbert's Centre as part of a Fuller Seminary study course. They had input from five island Christians. I explored the ancient Celtic and today's emerging church with them.

As a Community we...

Posted at 12:32pm on 25th September 2010

Twentyfour/seven Vows On The Shore

A friend, accompanied by six fellow workers from the Twentyfour/seven prayer movement, stayed with us. Our privilege was to accompany them to the north shore and witness his vows. The first was a life vow, similar to that made in the nineteenth century by Count Zinzendorf's mustard seed prayer movement....
Posted at 06:38am on 22nd September 2010

The Pope's Uk Visit

The Pope visits the UK. Today, representatives of the churches and religious communities of the UK, including our Community of Aidan and Hilda, pray with him in a service at Westminster Abbey. In UK CA&H is an Associate Body of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. One of our...

Posted at 00:56am on 17th September 2010

Photons, Protons And Bosons

The prayer board at St Mary's, Holy Island usually has lots of requests such as 'God bless my nana' and 'please heal all the sick people in the world'. These we read aloud at the evening service each day. Yesterday, however, included the following prayer:

Give thanks for...

Posted at 00:38am on 15th September 2010

Heroes Of The Sea

Their country was occupied by a racist regime. They lived by the sea. They secured a boat. By night they stole fuel cans from the airport. The next night they voyaged south of the territorial waters, veered sharply east into the unending ocean, and hoped they might reach a free...

Posted at 01:34am on 12th September 2010

The Book Of Tweets

A Friend of the Community suggested I join Twitter. I emailed back that I would not waste time on such trivial distractions. A look at Google's Top Tweets confirmed my distaste: I love how RoboCop is both a zombie and a robot. Or It is now Beverly Hills day!...

Posted at 08:32am on 7th September 2010

The Lighthouse

A busy week, during which I discussed with Manfred the re-surfacing of a long-held vision of schools of prophets in modern societies. The practicalities felt daunting. My rest day went out of the window so I took Sunday off. I climbed Arthur's Seat at Edinburgh. Below was a...

Posted at 05:16am on 6th September 2010

Ice Cream

Glad you liked my piece on Kids. Thanks for sending this gem that's going the rounds. It bears repeating:

'Last week, I took my children to a restaurant. My six-year-old son asked if he could say grace. As we bowed our heads he said, 'God is good, God...

Posted at 00:10am on 4th September 2010
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