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Ray's Blog: November 2011

The Lady In The Eye Clinic

Queues. Very British. I was in the eye clinic. The lady who documented people in the queues - before, during and after - never sat down, she just stood in the corridor. 'You deserve a break' I said. 'I love Christmas' she replied (perhaps she saw my cross?). 'Good gracious,...

Posted at 02:47am on 30th November 2011

Just A Lump Of Rock In The Ocean

I have known four Holy Island vicars. They get involved in the hassles of local institutions. We humans get possessive and resist change the world over - we think we own things.This dynamic is magnified on islands. People who want to do something get screwed up by it. So the...

Posted at 23:10pm on 26th November 2011

Shine Like A Jewel

November 17. Saint Hilda's Day. Some gather near the site of Hilda's Whitby Abbey to renew their vows. I join others at Edinburgh, and Aidan and Hilda Voyagers throughout the world will renew their vows wherever they are


Each will place their Personal Application of the Way of Life before a...

Posted at 21:50pm on 16th November 2011

Shed, Shack, Studio, Poustinia, Cave Or...?

My first garden shed has been insulated and painted. It is now an office. And Brenda, who uses it, likes it. If I was Mrs. Bucket (Bouquet, please) of TV's 'Keeping Up Appearances' I would call my second, larger shed a chalet. This, too has been refurbished. But I...

Posted at 02:07am on 10th November 2011

Spiritual People Need To Get Smart

The homily at the 8.0 am Eucharist on the Holy Island Island of Lindisfarne was given by eighty-one year old Kate Tristram, still recovering from a replacement knee operation. It was about that untypical parable of Jesus recorded in Luke's Gospel, chapter 16. This tells of a dishonest manager fired...

Posted at 01:29am on 4th November 2011
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