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Ray's Blog: May 2021

What’s The Point Of A Heart Attack?

A few hours after I posted last week’s blog I was rushed to Cramlington Hospital with a heart attack. I was returned three days later with six medications and the promise of a stent if these don’t work.

 What’s the point of a heart attack? 

1)   ...

Posted at 08:56am on 27th May 2021

Be Worthy Of The Curse


A friend who dedicated his post-student life to work for a fear-free, prejudice free post-apartheid South Africa, but who was asked to leave by Afrikaner co-workers, has written this to me after reading about ‘misunderstandings’ in my autobiography, Monk in the Marketplace pages 93-99.



Posted at 17:33pm on 19th May 2021

The Ascension


Today is Ascension Day. Three quarters of the world’s population (Christians and Muslims) believe that on this day Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, watched by close friends.


This was a greater Detonator than a third world war. Jesus of Nazareth could only be known by a...

Posted at 08:28am on 13th May 2021
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