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Ray's Blog: May 2015

Not In A Box

To save money I let my ignorant travel agency choose any cheap hotel in Kuala Lumpur, the purpose of which was to relax and re-orient en route home to Holy Island. The 'hotel' was a dump. I tried Deep Listening and the following came out:

"The room may be dirty...

Posted at 21:53pm on 28th May 2015

Last Man Standing: Australia's Only Desert Retreat

They tell me it's the only desert retreat centre in Australia, and the only desert with trees in the world. That's because root systems have had millennia longer to establish themselves here than in places like the Sahara. I have learned something. I thought desert meant hot. Now I...
Posted at 22:45pm on 18th May 2015

Perth Personalities

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. Its population nears two million. I meet three of its personalities.


Beth Roberton and her engineer husband Jeremy have built a retreat complex in the Mandaring forest hills above Perth. It is near the airport and ideal for pilgrims in...

Posted at 01:16am on 11th May 2015


Once it was described as the largest city in the southern hemisphere. Its skyscrapers are people friendly at street level, individual in style and offer each resident a bay window view of its parks and river. This city is coming alive. I booked in to a B&B near the river...
Posted at 01:29am on 9th May 2015
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