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Ray's Blog: October 2013

Death Cafes

Death Cafes are spreading. A collection of fascinating, normal individuals united by a wish to discuss mortality met at a trendy coffee shop called Cakey Muto in Hackney, east London. Taking tea and scones with death turned out to be rather a lot of fun. What is believed to...
Posted at 07:46am on 31st October 2013

Ping Pong

A former Roman Catholic colleague began his sermon: 'I have a confession. I love TV wrestling'. Now I, whose Way of Life commits me to rhythm, and who have just co-led a retreat on Wisdom, have a confession: 'I have lost both Rhythm and Wisdom' - which is why this...
Posted at 01:43am on 27th October 2013

Reversing Eden

I visit Howard, who hopes to evolve a 'highland cathedral' that combines creation care with human transformation. I drive on endlessly and arrive two hours late at Bewcastle, the almost un-findable 'pearl hidden in a field', there to meet Rev Rob Brown, co-pioneer of 'Borders minster'. He shows...
Posted at 01:22am on 17th October 2013

Hurling, Harvest And Holy Hikes


Friday. Back to Ireland. To Ennis. To Temple Gate Hotel. To holy ground. For here, just days before, the County Clare All-Ireland Hurling Champions, who train at Ennis, celebrated their brilliant victory. The entire county was bedecked in flags. A road side table sported two hurling sticks. And everyone...

Posted at 06:49am on 8th October 2013

Community Is Not... The Rise Of The New Consciousness Is ...

COMMUNITY IS NOT ... Three days after my warranty expires my car breaks down on the A1 shortly before dark descends. The clutch has gone. I cannot move it. Danger! I wave down fifteen passing motorists. None stop. Somehow I get it into first gear, and...
Posted at 12:56pm on 3rd October 2013
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