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Ray's Blog: March 2012

Igniting A Movement



Ellyn Sanna of Anamchara Books, New York and her colleague Ken McIntosh have been working with me on a substantial book about the life and times of Saint Aidan and his significance for Christianity today. Aidan's name means Flame. Holy Island's famous Aidan sculpture portrays him as handing on the ...

Posted at 01:19am on 28th March 2012

Purity And Internet Publicists

When I reached maturity I joined The Society of Authors.  A risky business for someone vowed to simplicity and purity.  I now receive 'The Author' magazine. Much of it is about how to promote a book, complain about unfair treatment, get on the literary festivals circuit,  or dominate the internet. So...

Posted at 05:44am on 21st March 2012

Health Services And The Crisis Of Capitalism

  ‘I was sick and you took care of me’ said Jesus, referring to anyone who cares for the sick, ‘so you inherit the kingdom’ (Matthew 25:16). The establishment of Britain’s National Health Service following the devastation of World War Two was the greatest single step towards establishing God’s kingdom on...
Posted at 15:21pm on 16th March 2012

Is Sex Part Of Capitalism's Crisis?


Feed-back on ‘The Cowshed Revolution’ and the crisis of capitalism continues. Don, of Droitwich writes 'I shall continue to study it since it's a mine of information.' It has no information about sex, however. That is because I've only just seen ‘Free sex: Who pays?’,  a cutting edge contribution from...
Posted at 06:49am on 8th March 2012


One year since earthquake decimated Christchurch, New Zealand I was in touch with our friends in both South and North Islands. The Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa.  The Maoris have a one word greeting that is as packed with meaning as is the biblical greeting 'Shalom'. Teacher and...
Posted at 02:30am on 1st March 2012
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