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Ray's Blog: June 2018

Soul Friends

 This week began with me sharing in an Australian Winter Solstice Prayer time on skype, and then being invited to sit in on their Caim Council: 'When good intentions are frozen, when relationships are chilled, when our lives are capsized by storms, may we find our heart in you, O...

Posted at 11:54am on 29th June 2018

Three Days: Three Countries: One Well-spring

On Tuesday I drove to Holy Island to meet a couple from Germany. One of them, a church leader, no longer found God only in his private and church framework. Now he sought God also in nature, the work-place and in other traditions. So he came to learn...
Posted at 07:59am on 22nd June 2018

Annual Gathering - Is Revival Coming?

We returned from The Community of Aidan and Hilda's Annual Week-End at Windmill Farm Adventure Center in Oxfordshire. Our keynote speaker was Ken McIntosh from USA. He challenged us to draw from spiritual well-springs but not to fall prey to false constructs or to political or religious prejudice....
Posted at 11:00am on 14th June 2018

Franciscan Tertiaries Explore The Trinity

This week I co-led a retreat for Franciscan Tertiaries across the Borders of England and Scotland at Whitchester Retreat, Hawick - an inspired place. I offered spiritual direction and gave seven talks. Themes included Endless Adventure, Enlightening Elders, and the Trinity - The Art of Loving all of God....
Posted at 06:34am on 8th June 2018

Coptic Connection

On Wednesday I gave lectures at Lindisfarne's Manor House Hotel to Canadian pilgrims. It was so good to meet up again with my old friend David Sherbino who heads up the spiritual direction courses at Tyndale College, Toronto.

On Friday I cooked a meal for Cuthbert Way pilgrims from Scandinavia....

Posted at 22:20pm on 1st June 2018
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