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18th May 2018
Let the hype fall off Harry and Meghan like water off a duck's back. May the royalty of the pure in heart shine in…
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17th May 2018
Help university students with mental health problems to let go of a perfectionist mind-set and social media addicti…
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16th May 2018
Move the hearts of those around Jerusalem to keep the 10 commandments: not to steal others' land; not to kill those…
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15th May 2018
In our disappointments, lift us up. In our denials, lift us up. In our duties, lift us up. Ascended Jesus, lift us up. #Ascensiontide
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14th May 2018
Help us to realize that every one of us needs a twelve step program in order for your Holy Spirit to fill what wo…
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13th May 2018
All-Compassionate One, get Christians out of their church boxes and religious de-tox bolt holes and forge them into…
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12th May 2018
May infants in the womb be raised to life in you; may scarred heroes and spurned lovers be raised to life in you #Ascensiontide
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11th May 2018
Alon Liel, former Director-General of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, said in London: ‘If Britain will recognise Palesti…
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All human life with Christ is raised, the weakest ones by heaven are praised; now high and low on him have gazed. A…
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RT @PeteGreig: The Day of #Ascension means that the resurrected Jesus who was once somewhere at one time for some is now everywhere, always…
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10th May 2018
A human heart now beats in God. Help us to journey into that heart #ThyKingdomCome #AscensionDay
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9th May 2018
God Bless Iran as she continues her journey of transition. May those whose hearts are open to All-Compassion be st…
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8th May 2018
When our acts of charity are but extensions of self-love, let Love welcome us into the Feast not of our making #waymarksoflifecom
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7th May 2018
May the wealth and work of the world be available to all and for the exploitation of none #MondayMotivation
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6th May 2018
Great Spirit, give us the strength to assist our brothers and sisters in the path of life, that our hearts may beat…
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5th May 2018
Great Spirit, teach us to walk in the footsteps of your Son, the Chief of Chiefs, until our hearts beat as one and…
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4th May 2018
God of every tribe, of female and male, release the unique treasures you have implanted in each, so that, once pret…
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3rd May 2018
Creator, we notice that the sun, moon, trees, waters and earth seemingly obey their instructions, but we human bein…
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2nd May 2018
Creator, thank you that you give us light from our eldest brother the sun, so that we will not bump into one anothe…
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1st May 2018
The Creator said 'I gave you brains and instructions. It is up to you now'. #IroquoisMohawk #MayDay So help us God.
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a prayer...

We arise today
in the wisdom of the One
who brought to birth the giant plains,
the water and the first beings.
We arise today
in the brightness of the One
who created the blazing sun,
the shining stars and the twinkle in our eyes.
We arise today
in the mercy of the One
who gave us dreams
and memories and hearts.

Taken from
Shalom!: Celtic Prayers for Wholeness and Healing
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The Way of Life For the Third Millennium (Hardback)
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