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Ray's Blog: April 2009

St. George, Merrie England And Eastertide

As Guardian of an international Community God has given me a deep love of different countries outside UK. Within UK, we who draw inspiration from Celtic sources often neglect England at the expense of the so-called 'six Celtic nations'. Sometimes English people resent this, and there is indeed a...
Posted at 07:55am on 24th April 2009

Spring Harvest

Three Community of Aidan and Hilda members, David, Penny and Simon, led Reflective Worship at the Spring Harvest week at Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead plus a seminar on How to Develop a Rule of Life. Three hundred came each evening to the first and two hundred to the second.


Posted at 04:48am on 21st April 2009

Easter And Richard Dawkins' 'the God Delusion'

Belatedly, this Easter I have read Richard Dawkins' 'The God Delusion'. He demeans both scholarship and science. He poses a question, but instead of answering it he changes the subject with derogatory but unsubstantiated comments. For example, he reminds readers that a traditional Deist argument for the...

Posted at 09:19am on 11th April 2009

The True Self In Holy Week

Two days in Jesus' last week on earth: On one day Jesus experiences the fragrance of an act of generosity - a woman anoints his feet with precious oil. The day after, Jesus experiences the devastation of an act of betrayal - in return for money a close colleague betrays...
Posted at 12:46pm on 7th April 2009

Is This The End Of Aidensfield And Heartbeat?

'Heartbeat' is the long-running British TV series, with fourth best ratings around the world. It is set in the fictional village of Aidensfield, named after the seventh century missionary Bishop Aidan. The title 'Heartbeat' has a double meaning: The hero is a handsome young policeman who makes girls hearts beat...
Posted at 07:14am on 5th April 2009
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