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Ray's Blog: December 2008

Christmas Days On Holy Island

Clive's Nativity Figures are floodlit in the Gospels' Garden.

Our ad hoc choir sang Vivaldi's Gloria

My sister Sally arrived and slept on the library floor.

Had a staff party at The Open Gate - I brought the Chinese takeaway and Helen and Naomi brought their home made...

Posted at 12:46pm on 30th December 2008

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

'Glow sea and sky For the One who is drawing nigh' (a prayer we said). 'Wow! Look at that' - a visitor refers to the glowing sky and seascape.

Home-maker God, come at night to all who are sleeping rough; come to cardboard huts and the dampened squats; come to the...

Posted at 01:28am on 24th December 2008

Equinox Mystery Solved?

Of course - how stupid of me. That light I saw was on the Equinox. Up here in the northern hemisphere that is the day of least light. Dave - that prayer you sent, asking us to use it at midday, gives us the clue. For the sake...

Posted at 03:26am on 23rd December 2008

Where Will God Turn Up Next?

Holy Island is dark and deserted in the depth of winter. Only five people turned up to the morning church service. We went up into the sanctuary - the area where all the important God things are - the altar, the Bible, the ikon, the candles, the flowers....

Posted at 14:05pm on 21st December 2008

Top People Fall: Little People Grow

The world recession daily sees rich and powerful people fall. What the headlines miss is that lowly people grow. This is the timeless truth that the Christian season of Advent symbolises. .

In the past, a far-seeing commentator named Zephaniah suggested that the obvious front runners, the...

Posted at 03:56am on 16th December 2008

Star Over London

Sorry you missed me on Holy Island. I shared in a London church's annual festival of their patron, Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus to you, me and the marketeers). The people of this church - St. Nicholas Perivale -are the salt of the earth. The building links an...

Posted at 09:03am on 9th December 2008

Change@ is the name of a campaign by over one million organisations world-wide. They claim the coming change is unstoppable. The only question is whether we will co-operate with it or resist it. They say that if we co-operate, something will come to birth even more wonderful than a...

Posted at 09:13am on 2nd December 2008
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