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Ray's Blog: October 2014

Halloween: Voices Of Australia And Russia

In my country we had to move our time clocks forward one hour. That takes a slight adjustment. But then I was invited, at 09.30 my new time, to say Evening Prayer with ten Australian friends by Skype. There was one or more hour's difference in their own different...
Posted at 03:46am on 26th October 2014

I'm Going Wild - So Is An Eco Church

I'd already agreed to a four months teaching tour of Australia. Then came a persistent plea 'add one more week and come to us'. 'Us' is the wildest place you could imagine miles from anywhere you've heard of. If I can do it, why not you? Come and...
Posted at 07:59am on 21st October 2014

Celtic Models For Modern Churches And Russell Brand

People from both established churches and new missional movements keep asking 'Are there Celtic models that we can learn from?' In USA a leaflet I drafted years ago was re-printed and circulated, somewhat to my horror. I re-worked it and brought it up to date. This is now...
Posted at 03:25am on 15th October 2014

Catholic Radio Interview And The Camping Nun

Last week the Archdiocese of Santa Fe Radio released to us an hour's interview their Mary Wood did with Esther-Marie Nagiel and myself. Its about our own journeys, ecumenism, the international Community of Aidan and Hilda, and Celtic Christian spirituality. If you'd like to listen in you can get it...
Posted at 21:41pm on 7th October 2014

Last Week's Hits - The Four B's

Last week I:

* asked Boris, Mayor of London, that London take Scotland into its heart, and celebrate a Scots hero, poet, philosopher and saint in a central square.

* urged BBC Proms to change the wording of the world-famous (or infamous) Last Night chorus 'Rule Britannia'. The world loves...

Posted at 01:14am on 1st October 2014
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