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Ray's Blog: January 2011

Three New Guardians

We commissioned three Community of Aidan Guardians to replace me at our annual Houseparty for those in vows. They are Graham (Lindisfarne), Simon (London) and Penny (Devon). The new USA Guardian, Paul Martin, was present. I am to be kinown as the 'Founding Guardian'. The commissioning took...

Posted at 06:41am on 27th January 2011


My final days in Australia were based in the down-town Melbourne surburb of Footscray. This was an industrial area. Immigrants from many lands settled here because it was cheap. So, too, did an extra-ordinary network of downwardly mobile, high-octane Christians. Most of these have chosen part-time employment in order...

Posted at 19:13pm on 23rd January 2011

An Australian Community Comes To Birth

Ten kids and twelve adults who follow the Aidan and Hilda Way of Life gathered for four days in a church complex at Norlane, Geelong. They differed in background, theology and temperament. Their common ground was the Way of Life, mutual respect and a central silent space.They listened to...

Posted at 14:05pm on 17th January 2011

Anouska And Australia Fair

We dressed smartly and arrived at 9.0 am to witness Anouska and many-skinned others become Australian citiziens. They made declarations. We all stood to sing the National Anthem. These lines stand out:

Australians all let us rejoice

For we are young and free...

Our land abounds in Nature's gifts

In beauty...

Posted at 12:48pm on 13th January 2011

'the King's Speech' And Soul-friendship

In Melbourne I saw streets lined with elm trees that have long-since died of disease in Europe. In Geelong I saw 'The King's Speech', at which I cried and the audience clapped. It reveals the life-changing potential of a kind of soul-friendship. The Duke of York, who wrote himself off...

Posted at 13:02pm on 11th January 2011

Ashes To Ashes: A Simpson To The Rescue?

What misfortune! To be In Australia when it suffers it's worst Ashes defeat in history. (You Americans - we're talking cricket!). .The media even quote Michael Vaughan's Tweets: 'What do you call an Australian with 100 runs to their name? A bowler'. It seems as if a National Disaster...

Posted at 17:12pm on 7th January 2011

Australian Bush: Healing The Land

Dan has just cut down a banana tree. A possum had eaten three of the bananas; about ninety were left. All other bananas I have eaten seem tasteless compared to these.

Heather and her family own bush land where it meets houses at Buderim. They believe that before...

Posted at 15:10pm on 3rd January 2011
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