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Ray's Blog: April 2023

Trails Of Tears

Some years ago I met Will Thoms at the Community of Aidan and Hilda US retreat at Albuquerque, New Mexico. What he told me about his vision of a returning Brendan and his ministry among indigenous people inspired me to write Brendan's Return Voyage: a New American Dream...

Posted at 10:03am on 27th April 2023

When Jesus Came To Lindisfarne Podcast


When Jesus came to Lindisfarne is the latest in the New Monastic for Tomorrow's World podcasts on my web site Click here and you will find it.

It started when I gazed at the window in the Fishermen's Chapel in St. Mary's Church, Holy Island of Lindisfarne, following...

Posted at 08:05am on 21st April 2023

Mass Selfishness Or Duty

A blog reader emailed: 'I just wanted to say that I agree about what you wrote on your blog about mass selfishness....

I also feel that our materialistic and individualist western capitalist societies are at some level encouraging this mass selfishness or me first always attitude. We’ve talked previously about the...

Posted at 11:04am on 14th April 2023

The Last Thursday In Jesus' Life

Today the western world remembers Christ's Last Supper, feet washing, and catches a supreme insight into the validity of Servant Leadership - what a contrast to the proud, loud, pomp of too many national leaders today.

I paste below the start of a Devotion to Christ for a Vigil for this...

Posted at 09:24am on 6th April 2023
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