Introducing the International Community of Aidan and Hilda

A world-wide people who journey with God, reconnecting with the Spirit and the Scriptures, the Saints and the Streets, the Seasons and the Soil

We are a dispersed body of Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and other Christians who seek to cradle a holistic Christian spirituality for today that renews the church and heals the lands. We welcome people of all backgrounds and countries who wish to be wholly available to the Holy Trinity, and to the way of Jesus as revealed to us in the Bible. In the earthing of that commitment members draw inspiration from Celtic saints such as Aidan (Irish)  and Hilda (English) and God-guided indigenous personalities.

Members follow a Way of Life, with a Soul Friend, based on a rhythm of prayer and study, simplicity, care for creation and mission; and they seek to weave together the separated strands of Christianity.
The work of the Community is the work of each member. There is no ready-made community on one's doorstep. Co-unity with other members is rooted in the knowledge that they follow the Community’s Way and that this reflects their deepest calling.
The Community embraces men, women and children from all walks of life who have differing levels of commitment:

Friends keep in touch with the Community and support it financially  but do not commit to follow the Way of Life. They receive the quarterly magazine and maillings about resources and retreats, and are welcome to attend the Community's annual gathering and regional group gatherings.  Friends pay an annual subscription via the Community website or by filling in a form.

Explorers have a more serious commitment which involves trial membership of the Community and living by its Way of Life accompanied by a Soul Friend.   It precedes taking the First Voyage of the Coracle.  Explorers join the Community by sending in the application form with their subscription, along with a form from their Soul Friend if they have found one.

Those who have been an Explorer for at least a year, having engaged in an appropriate process of spiritual formatin and mutual discernment, and having  carefully reflected upon the First Voyage of the Coracle may, with the approval of their Explorer Guide and their Soul Friend, apply to become a Member and make a full commitment to the Way of Life and to the Community as a Voyager. 

Soul Friends
The term Soul Friend reflects the ancient Irish term for Spiritual Guide, Mentor or Anamchara. Each member is responsible for selecting their own soul friend who must be approved by the Community. Community Soul Friends range from a friend of an Explorer who is a mature Christian and good listener for whom this is a new ministry, to a trained spiritual director or ordained confessor.
The Guardians
Guardians are the Community's leaders and the focus of its unity, who listen to God for the Community, guard its ethos and earth this in a rhythm of prayer,, reflection and guidance. 
The present Guardians are Penny Warren, Graham Booth and Simon Reed (based in UK), Bruce Challoner and Judy Kennedy (Australia), Øyvind Borgsø (Denmark), Hӓkon Borgenvik (Norway), Simon Lumby (Republic of Ireland), Robert Penrith (South Africa), and Roger Bermingham, Teresa Monica Cross, Sandi Kerner and Esther-Marie Nagiel - Deputy Guardian (USA) 

Link Households
Apply the Way of Life as a household. More information about becoming a Community House can be found in the Handbook.

Link Churches
Link Churches are churches who as a body adopt the Community's  values and resources. More information about becoming a Link Church can be found in the Handbook.

Regional Groups
Regional groups with regional guardians are developing and meeting throughout the UK and in some other countries. If you would like to know of the nearest group to you please contact the office.


The Community Magazine (The Aidan Way)

This is published in February, May, August and November each year. It contains information about Community events, news, poems, letters, reviews, information about resources which throw light on the Way of Life, and a prayer diary. Members‟ news, prayer requests or other contributions should be sent to the Office.

The Website

The website,  has information about retreats, resources, national pages, downloads and other web links.

a prayer...

We arise today
in the wisdom of the One
who brought to birth the giant plains,
the water and the first beings.
We arise today
in the brightness of the One
who created the blazing sun,
the shining stars and the twinkle in our eyes.
We arise today
in the mercy of the One
who gave us dreams
and memories and hearts.

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