What The Queen Could Say

 The Jeremy Vine UK TV show noted the Queen’s displeasure that confidential conversation with former Prime Minister David Cameron had been made public, and it invited viewers to text in what they thought the Queen should say to Broken Brexit Britain. I suggest  this:


 ‘Remainers and Brexiters, Unionists and Independents, my dear citizens of all colours and backgrounds – I call you  to a revolution of unselfishness, to love your neighbour as yourselves whoever your neighbour is,  to respect one another and seek the common good. 

 I commend the young people who campaign to save the earth from catastrophe.  When I was crowned I dedicated myself to serve the King of kings to the end of my life. Our United Kingdom is harnessed to the past. Let us repent of past failings, but let us also listen to its deepest, abiding truths. Our Rock is Jesus Christ. He is the Word, the Life-force at the heart of creation. If we listen, He can show us how to cherish his creation. He can show us how to bind up what is wounded.

 In Christ there is neither black nor white, foreigner or outcast. In the time of the Roman Empire large numbers of southern Britons emigrated to the Northern Picts and introduced them to Christ. In  Saint Aidan’s time  four warring races, Picts, Britons, Scots, and English were knit together in the fellowship of the Christian Gospel.  This is our rock and salvation.  I call you to return to the Rock from which we are hewn and listen for the sounds of a new spring-time.’

If the Queen speaks to the fifty five members of The Commonwealth of Nations she will slightly re-phrase this speech.  If she speaks it to her friend President Trump, she will point out that Republicans as well as Monarchists are called to serve 'the King of kings and the President of presidents'. If she speaks it to her friends in the Arab  world she will make room for their insights - but the gist remains eternal truth for our disjointed world.




Posted at 17:19pm on 20th September 2019
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