Twelve Keys For The Future Of The Church



Everyone is asking what the post-Covid world may be like, so I thought you’d like to know a little more about about my latest book. 

 Since my first book on Celtic spirituality was written twenty five years ago I have examined all serious criticisms raised against  Celtic Christianity. I do indeed agree that much dross needs to be discarded, but I find that beneath the dross is gold. I identify twelve golden keys that can unlock a great future for the church and the world.

These golden keys include restorative justice, a relational society that reflects a Relational (Trinitarian) God, indigenous Christianity. spiritual  practices that make us fit for purpose,  soul friendship, ... but the first key is about creation.

Faced with the impending climate crisis and significant and irreparable damage being done to the earth, and climate campaigners who believe Christianity is not earth-friendly,  this book offers a Christian spirituality of creation.

Salvation is when the The Second Adam (Christ) restores communion with Christ not only to isolated individuals but  to the whole creation. Salvation is about restoring Eden.

Restorative Justice could help the family of PC Andrew Harper, who died a horrible death at the hands of youngsters who boasted about it. If they could learn restorative justice it would be the worthiest tribute to him and his family.

Twelve chapters. Twelve criticisms. Twelve keys.


You can buy it from this web site, Amazon or

Posted at 11:22am on 25th August 2020
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