A Role For Those In Life Vows

A Long Voyager in life vows drove over one hundred miles to see me today for a spiritual check-up. Over lunch we discussed the role of people in the Community of Aidan and Hilda who take life vows.

Those who have been Voyagers (Seekers in Australia) in First Vows for at least seven years, who update their personal application of the Way of Life and submit this each year, and who can think of no reason why thy should cease to follow this to the end of their lives, may apply to take Life Vows as Long Voyagers (Wayfarers in Australia). They are encouraged, where this is appropriate, to make these commitments in a service in their local church, and to invite an overseer to be present. A tradition began whereby the new Long Voyager was presented with a piece of ammonite, representing Saint Hilda’s ceaseless struggle to turn evils into good.

Is there a particular role for Long Voyagers in the dispersed community?  By definition they tend to be older and more mature.  Although we reserve the term elder for others, we encourage Long Voyagers to  look upon fellow Long Voyagers as their spiritual family, to pray, alone or together ‘on-line’ for the Community, its current needs, and known needs of members.  As they pray they may hold Voyagers and Guardians etc in silent invocation,  read a passage of Scripture or a particular prayer and listen to God on behalf of members.

Maybe you have other suggestions?




Posted at 16:36pm on 11th May 2023
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