Prayer Distances The Plague

Sorry folks.  Covid got to me. Hence no weekly blog.  But this contribution to a local church lock-down newsletter signals a revival.

Matthew 15:21-28

 The Gospel for this coming Sunday (16 August) begins ‘Jesus left that place and went away’. In that place a foreigner intruded on his planned retreat and shouted at him.  He, however,  healed her.

 Lock-down got to me, and my body and mind locked down. I went away to the highlands for four days. Near Glen Lyon is Milton Eonan, named after Saint Adomnan, the former Iona abbot who ministered there.  He came over with St. Fillan.  They settled near the Bridge of Balgie,  built a mill and spread the Gospel.

  A terrible plague swept through the area. All the inhabitants of nearby Fortingall were wiped out.  Slowly it penetrated the Glen and people panicked.

 Adomnan gathered the people to a hill where he usually preached. He raised his right arm and commanded the devil body of the pestilence to come to him and ordered it to enter a large rock in front of him.  The virus poured itself into a  large, expanding  circular hole in the rock. No one else died. This Rock of Safety (Craig-diannaidh) lies this day near to the  stone slab that they erected to commemorate their deliverance.

 When Adomnan died he asked that his body be floated down the River Tay. It came to rest at Dull.  This became Scotland’s greatest monastic place of learning, and was incorporated into St. Andrew’s University.

 We may feel we are little, ordinary people – passive bystanders during a pandemic.  But we can exercise faith this day and build up Christ-conscious community in the place of ‘couldn’t care less’attitudes  or despair. For the Jesus who went to Tyre and Sidon inspired Adomnan and will inspire us today,

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Posted at 12:20pm on 5th August 2020
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