The Pope And Saint Oswald

I sometimes contribute to the web site's ezine newsletter. This is what I sublmitted to the editor today.

In recent times the leaders of the three churches and two retreat houses on the island have been meeting most months to see how best to support the island and pilgrims. These are St. Aidan?s, .St. Cuthbert?s Centre, St. Mary?s, Marygate House and The Open Gate. One thing we all thought we could do together is to offer a simple healing service at 11.0 am every Wednesday (except late December and January). This rotates around the three church buildings, and the five of us take it in turns to lead. Sometimes there is quite a queue for the laying on of hands. We never, of course, give away confidences, but I can say that a number of people have come back to give thanks for healings. One person said ?I have become a dry old stick and I want you to pray that I will come to life?. Soon after that I saw her beaming with happiness.

We all supported Sister Tessa when the Papal Nuncio blessed the altar of the renovated St Aidan?s Church in October. It was good to see a number of islanders and other residents also present, and Lady Rose. Bishop Kevin of Hexham gave us some interesting information. He told us that Saint Oswald, who became a model of a good and godly King throughout Europe after stories were written about him in German speaking lands, has many churches dedicated to him in the European Union. Pope Benedict 16 grew up in one of these St Oswald?s churches, and was ordained there. So, said the Bishop, we can all feel connected through our local saints with a much wider world.

Posted at 08:03am on 29th October 2007
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