Finance, Sex And Darwin - In 250 Words

It's my turn to write the Pause for Thought column in our local newspaper. Six months of thoughts have to be condensed in to 250 words. This is it:

My Vicar on Holy Island says 'The world financial crisis is an opportunity to change to a sustainable way of life.' My Tweedmouth gym has put up a notice. 'Beat the credit crunch by sharing an allotment and growing your own food.' Bring back allotments.

Paul Moore, the former head of regulatory risk at HBOS, who was schooled by Benedictine monks in Yorkshire, warned his bosses against lending, to consumers whose ability to repay was doubtful, far more than the bank had in solid assets. This reflected the Christian advice to avoid unnecessary debt. He was sacked. He says 'The world needed this crisis to bring it to its senses because it was gripped by a kind of blindness. What we need is capitalism with a conscience.' Bring back conscience.

A twelve-year-old fathers a child. The nation is shocked. Yet for years the teachings of great religions about the sanctity of marriage and sex have been banned as not politically correct. In their place the mechanics of sex have been taught ad nauseam. Bring back Christian sex.

We celebrate the bi-centenary of Charles Darwin. Atheists claim him as their own. In fact he always believed in a Creator. He did cease to believe in the God he thought Christians proclaimed. When he concluded that bees evolved 'through instinct', he thought it necessary to add 'rather than by the design of God.' He, along with many religious leaders of his time, failed to see that God could be in the process. Bring back belief in the God within.

Posted at 07:22am on 14th February 2009
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