Final Words

A short illness prevented me from delivering my two papers at this year's UK Durham Summer School.  And the wrong versions  were sent for others to read!  The correct versions can be downloaded from this web site.   I was then  asked to conclude the school with a message.  I understood I was taking the place of a Durham Canon who was allocated fourteen minutes.  In fact the organisers had allocated me forty minutes so it finished half an hour early!! Humanly, this was a mess, but on reflection, as I have come across my notes, I believe God spoke abiding truths. After saying thank you's and reporting that My new book Celtic Christianity -: Twelve Criticisms: Twelve Keys should be published next year, I had just these eight things to say:

1) Western academia needs redeeming ...

2) There  is such a thing as 'Celtic Christianity' ...

3) Our CAH Way of Life stands on its own, does not depend upon fashion charts, and can last for a thousand years...

4) The post-world war2 liberal settlement of the western world is being destroyed. Climate change may mean London is under water next century and we can expect mass migrations. Out task is to link up young climate extinction campaigners with Christ, directing his creation.

5) God calls us to earth the human community in the Trinity.

6) God calls us to heal the split between the Eastern and Western churches.

7) We need to raise up a thousand new soul friends in different lands.

8) We can begin on our own doorstep by enabling pilgrims to Holy Island (and to other places) to learn, like Aidan, to  listen to Jesus in the poor, in prophetic promptings, in the Gospels, in nature,  in the Voyagers and in emerging models of God's Way on earth.

Posted at 15:56pm on 30th September 2019
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